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My name is Ana Pereira and I’m an enthusiastic wine lover.


I was born in Trás-os-Montes and as a small child I used to join my family for the wine harvest at my grandparents’ vineyard. It would be impressive to say that my passion for wine emerged by then, but the appeal arrived much later, in 1991, during a summer job in a Port wine house. I loved everything about it, the smell of the warehouses, the stories around the wine and people, the vineyards and, of course, the wine.

And a few years later I embraced the wine business. This has been, since then, an exciting adventure discovering Portuguese wines.

In January 2013, I started gathering my own selection of Portuguese wineries and could not resist to add other Portuguese delicacies.

Spread the Wine mission is not only to export and bring these products closer to the consumer but also to transmit part of Portuguese cultural heritage and raise awareness to our country.

So, while I’m enjoying myself with my top passions – wine, food, meeting people and travelling – I hope that you feel compelled to discover Portugal. 

Feel free to ask me anything because it will be a pleasure to share my passion with you!


Ana Pereira